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Min-Maxing: It’s not just for games.

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things – Peter Drucker

I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to the expansion of Pretty Sneaky, Sis and what it means to me. What do I hope to accomplish with it? In the beginning, it was pretty much going to be a hobby blog. And honestly, for all my fire and excitement, it was a weak one. Which is fine; it’s a learning process, and I am nothing if not an eager student.

When I actually started getting a little serious about what I wanted out of the project, my thoughts started jumping all over the place. I want a place that caters to the gaming community in a fun way. I want a place that keeps a gaming focus, but examines other aspects of life through that particular lens. I want a place that feels personal to me, but can resonate with my audience. Most of all, I want a place that I would want to go to if I weren’t making it. I’m out to make the site I’m looking for.

When I started Pretty Sneaky, Sis, the idea was to get myself more active in gaming and writing. In many ways that you can’t see here, that has paid off. Building an audience and creating an expectation forced me to do these things. I’m still learning more about all of the crafts involved, but my hypothesis proved accurate in that once I created that expectation, I felt obligated to act on living up to it, which I couldn’t be more thankful for. So riding this wave of accomplishment and embodying this sense of exploration, the thought that got stuck in my brain was “OK, this worked. I wonder what else I can apply it to?”

So, in addition to game reviews, strategy columns, design discussions and funny funny jokes,  I’m going to start writing about a number of other topics and applying the gamer mentality to them. Odds are, if you’re reading Pretty Sneaky Sis, you’re already familiar with the term “min-maxing” but on the odd chance that you stumbled into this rabbithole and decided to have a peek around anyway. Min-maxing (also called twinking or munchkin-ing) is taking a customizable character (from a video game, role-playing game, etc.) and tweaking it in an attempt to create the “best” character by minimizing the traits and abilities unimportant to the player’s main goals and maximizing the traits and abilities most likely to be used regularly. For example, a player might take his character for a role-playing game and increase physical ability scores to be more effective in combat. Throughout the course of the character’s “life” any opportunities to gain ability scores are given preference to those same scores that were important in the beginning. A sharpened focus on doing one thing really well. It’s not always like that in real life…but why not?

Maaaaaaybe a bit less literally.

I want to twink it up. I want to munchkin my life. I want to have that sharpened focus on doing something really well, and I want that something to be life. I’m min-maxing my life here. I still want it to be fun. I still want it to be a game (for what is life, if not one big game?). There are many different aspects to this, and as I evolve and change, my entries will too. And I’m expecting you, my solitary faithful reader (whom I adore) to hold my feet to the fire. I’m going to start with fitness, but expand into a number of other human issues. Movies, music, philosophies, etc. But I promise everything will tie back to gaming. That’s what brought you here. That’s what brought me here.

It’s time to roll for initiative.


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