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Morale Bonus

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” – Abraham Lincoln

I know I’m a day late, but there was already a Monday post! Welcome to week two of what I have been calling The Captain Hammer Initiative.  Yeah, I know, not a particularly inventive name for what I am doing here, but I have to save “Hammertime” for a special occasion. Last week, I announced that I was undertaking a journey that would end in my being a passable replica of Captain Hammer for Halloween 2013. Not an ironic “Captain Hammer: the alcoholic years” or “Captain Hamburger”. Though he be no  bronze god, I’ve got a ways to go before I have Nathan Fillion’s physique.

So first things first, I want to thank all of you who are supporting this endeavor.  The day I made that announcement, my highest traffic record was DOUBLED. I picked up a slew of new followers (though I’ll be damned if I give up my one loyal reader schtick).  Not that there was an option before, but seriously no backing out now, fatty.

Your support has given me a power I can’t really describe. But I’ll try anyway.

Change is hard, and can be scary.  Even good change. There’s no question that what I’m doing is good for me for a number of reasons. Off the top of my head there are the classics like vanity, revenge, and yeah, that “good health” bit sounds pretty okay too. But none of these virtues lie along the path of least resistance, which is where so many of us live most of our lives. I’m guilty of it in many cases myself, and this has to change if I’m going to do this right.

So I got to thinking about how to force change, and how to nerd this up, because well, nerding things  up makes them better.  At least it does for me, and I’m guessing if you’re reading this, it does for you too.  I had to think about some nerdy thing that could act as a buff to get you on track. Bless? Pbthf. Bear’s Strength? Too nerfed since 3.0. I needed something better than a spell that would let me accomplish great physical feats for a short time. The fact that those spells don’t exist out here in the real world makes it pretty easy to get something better than them. So what’s left?

The Bardsong. Inspire Courage. Fuck yeah.

I don’t think that there is that much fantasy element needed here. Music IS inspirational to many different states of being.

In game terms, the Bard character sings a rousing battle hymn that inspires feelings of bravado in his companions, which gets them pumped to the tune of an attack and damage bonus.

In real life terms, you find the songs that you can’t help but get a surge from. Your power anthem. Power anthems can take a lot of different aspects pending what sort of emotion they evoke. For purposes of fitness, I’m going to go with a song that just brings up my energy.

Yes! by Colourmusic is a deceptively simple song: a rousing chant of repeating lyrics regarding momentum,  a crunchy guitar and a strong beat. Add in some subtle layerings of sound, and it all culminates into a celebration of life and all that is good in this moment. Yes! is about totally carpe-ing the shit out of this diem.

When something unexpectedly good happens to me, this song is always quick to follow. My iPod zooms to this song, and the volume is cranked with the windows down. I want to share the good vibe with the world.

“Yes!” is my power anthem. An exultation, an emotional overboil of excitement and energy. I can’t NOT move when I hear this. It pushes me up the stairs. It pushes me through that one last weight rep. It reminds me that I am an unstoppable force of nature. (It also makes a great post-workout song to herald the incoming endorphin rush.)

Hell yeah, Inspire Courage. Similar to San Dimas High School Football, Bards rule.

So far, results are promising. I’m already feeling better, but there will be no resting on my laurels. I’m sure that a lot of you are wondering what I’m doing, I’ll start into the specifics of my plan next week so that you all can play doctor. The advising kind. Not the other kind.


9 thoughts on “Morale Bonus

  1. I was hoping I could possibly add some incentive to this project for you. As I’ve alluded to previously, I’m getting married. Specifically September 2013. Were having the ceremony on one the riverboat cruises that dock on the landing. (I think the ship we have reserved is the Tom Sawyer) Anyways, while the wedding party will be in steampunk, my fiance and I decided to simply make the wedding a “costumes encouraged” event so as to not alienate our friends who were not into steampunk. So I figured if you could meet your goal a month and a half before the deadline, you can come on the boat and enjoy our free food and open bar, and of course attend the best nerd wedding in the St.Louis area. I believe in your ability to make your goal, considering I’ve watched this little blog grow with persistence. So if you think youd be interested, I’ll add you to the save the date list!

    1. Pretty Sneaky, Sis: The Little Nerd Blog That Could.

      Dude. I am flattered, honored and above all else, INSPIRED by this offer. Add me to the list. I’ve got work to do.

      I, uh, do get to bring a +1, right? 😉

  2. “totally carpe-ing the shit out of this diem” — Wonderful.

    I have to say I read Dale Dew’s comment and a steampunk wedding sounds so freaking awesome that I wish SuperDad and I could have a do-over! Maybe for a vow-renewal ceremony or something. 😉

    I want to encourage you on your fitness journey. I have lost over 125lb. and life is so much easier, certain health problems have been lessened or have disappeared completely, and I look worlds better in my clothes and out of them. 😀

    Some music I’ve been listening to (might add it to my workout playlist) that you might enjoy too:

      1. Without that apostrophe, you’re living in the past! Fortunately, what with all the steampunky goodness, there’s bound to be a time machine somewhere so it’s probably a moot point 😀

    1. I appreciate the well-wishes. Thanks for reading and stay-tuned. There are developments afoot that are going to make this a lot more interesting. More interesting-er, if you will. I’ll check out your tunes! Yes! is my power anthem, but I have not yet encountered a better workout music than Girl Talk.

    1. Being 6’5″, I keep getting little visions of attending your wedding as Master Blaster. I’d have to find an awfully amiable dwarf though. I might be better off sticking with something a little more traditional.

      1. Traditional is not the theme of this wedding. I can tell you that. You will be able to see a Star Trek ensign, a Tom Baker Doctor Who, and a gentleman of the Victorian Age enjoying a beer on this boat!

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