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Oh yeah, this too.

GenCon reports still forthcoming, but I almost forgot to post this here of all places.

Did you know that some of the people behind Pretty Sneaky, Sis make games? True story. And we released our first game app “Numerologist” to the Android app store this week. So if you like Pretty Sneaky, Sis and have an Android, you should go here and buy it.

Here’s the rub. In the upper left hand corner of the screen is a target number. Below that are the numbers 1-9, 3 numbers at random and the 4 basic math functions. You have 90 seconds to come up with that target number as many ways as you can. The more complex the equation the more points it will score. You score bonus points for using every function, you score more for using every function twice, and you score more for using all 12 numbers, but beware, each number can only be used once per equation string.

Create a profile and you can compete for the top scores worldwide. Think you’re good at speed math? Put your money where your mouth is. (It’s only a dollar).

Numerologist: the math sensation that’s sweeping the nation.  

Stay tuned for future updates from Clever Monkey Games.


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