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Looking into the crystal ball

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt 
GenCon, oh, GenCon, you so crazy.
This year was not only the busiest GenCon I’ve ever had, but the most fun. Pretty Sneaky, Sis has been quiet for a bit now, for which we apologize profusely to our two readers. Preparing for GenCon, going to GenCon and recovering from GenCon has been quite a time sink, but it’s time to get back to business.
There’s a lot moving behind the scenes, a lot of changes forthcoming. The old grey mare, she won’t be what she used to be, but this is a good thing. GenCon reports aplenty coming in the very near future, but in the meantime, here’s a little peek at some of the things coming up.
One of our initiatives for GenCon was to take up the banner of the underdog. Yes, yes, Fantasy Flight makes some awesome games. Anyone who reads this is either aware of that and maybe even owns one or more of their titles. Anyone who has been to the Exhibit Hall and seen their booth (which sometimes feels like it takes up 10% of the whole room) can attest to this. We love FFG. But right here, right now, they don’t need us. BUT THEY WILL. Someday, Fantasy Flight will come to us on bended knee, begging us to shed a tiny fraction of our brilliant light on whatever wares they are peddling. But that’s then. This is now. As I’ve said on numerous occasions, we are living in a board game Renaissance Age, and there has never been a better time to be an independent game designer. But that doesn’t make it easy. There are a lot of really fantastic games out there that are not getting the attention that they need and deserve. As we also come from humble roots, we seek to lift onto our shoulders those who need it most. 

The existence of this game is making me eye the Heroes of Metro City Kickstarter harder than I probably should.

With that in mind, with as much free time as I could muster, I ventured out into Exhibit Hall to talk to some of these designers, learn about their companies and made offers to get more publicity for their games. (There will be a new page for Company/Designer Profiles for those of you who want to meet the people behind the games that you love. Of course there will also be reviews of their games and potential future projects.) A small sampling of the titles you’ll be seeing more about from us include Sentinels of the Multiverse, The Resistance, Four Taverns, Banditos, Lyssan and Seven Sisters. There are plenty more where that came from, this is just the start. 
Healthy Gamer marches on and ratchets up. The competition burns strong, and partially due to my absolutely horrible micromanagement skills, I have been overtaken by a reader not involved in the competition. OH HELL NO. So the list of obstacles to overcome grows higher and higher. Seems everyone wants a piece of the action. Well, there’s enough of me to go around and I’m no sleeping hare, so bring it on.
New Team Members! There are new figures lurking in the shadows ready to spring out and blast you with pure energy bolts of raw geekery. We’re working them slowly into the schedule, so stay tuned. If you like us, you’ll love them. If you love us, you’ll obsess over and/or stalk them. If you hate us, it’s probably because you want to be us. (See also: you can try out for the team here)

A sneak peek at one of the Seven Sisters as well as what we think some of you may look like during our silence.

We’re moving! We love our cozy little bungalow here at the corner of MildlyAmusing Lane and NotNearlyAsCoolAsWeThinkWeAre Avenue, but our family and our ambitions are growing too big to stay here. Total site redesign is in works, and it may mean a change of venue pending what we have to have and what we can do here.
Suggestion Box! A ran into a handful of people of GenCon who were aware of what we were doing here which was simultaneously flattering, exciting and terrifying. We’re keeping up with what youse guys want though, so we will have a Suggestion Box for things you want to see on the site. Not all suggestions will fit, but we will listen to all of them, snicker quietly at most, and implement a few.
That’s about all for now. I’m about 6 posts late and have much to do but I wanted to let everyone know a little bit about why things were so quiet out on the frontier. The best part? This is just a teaser. There’s a LOT more where this came from.
Rock on, fellow nerds.


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