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Man vs. Machineparts – Healthy Gamer Update


So. It comes to this. As of this moment I am typing a story on a phone so that Bill can post for me while my internet issues remain unsolved. Welcome to The Future. All told, this is working out way better for me than the future predicted by The Road Warrior, so I guess I can’t complain too much. That’s the primary reason for the silence but I can’t keep letting that circumstance force ye olde blog to collect dust. I suspect at one point I was up to five readers and now I’m back to my original one, who by now you’ve figured out is imaginary.

Healthy Gamer. Ah yes. The Captain Hammer Project.  It carries on. And we’re officially in the home stretch so I am resolving to start updating this part regularly again. I am reminded that I used the term “come hell or high fucking water” and my silence is sliding me closer to the “hell” end of that equation. Well, fuck *that* noise.

So where am I with this, anyway? How did I get there and where am I going? Let’s get into it.

As of weigh-in today, total loss is 87 lbs. I’ve lost a small person. I’m still a rather big person. I’ve got more people to lose. I am making the goal of 20 more pounds lost in the next 30 days. You know, because I did so well with the 30 day game design challenge. And because every professional will tell you that the extremes that I will push myself to are completely reasonable. If they disagree they are quite obviously not suited for their station.

You try to mount this thing and not burn a few calories.
You try to mount this thing and not burn a few calories.

What have I been doing? Keeping it simple. I watch what I eat. 1500 calories daily has by itself quite naturally removed almost all red meat from my diet. I get most of my proteins from poultry, eggs ans protein supplements. I eat a lot of vegetables. I avoid cheese and oils. In other words, I employ a little bit of common sense. I have increased my exercise from a few times a week to daily and increased what I do. January will see addition of swimming and weightlifting to the regular grind which I’m pretty excited about. Most of my exercise has been walking, crunches and time on the exercise bike…which is so…fucking…boring. I’ve never been one to be able to put on a movie or watch tv while I do this. My few times on a treadmill I found my walking troubled by the distraction. (Insert your gum chewing jokes here). But I’ve been at it consistently. With the help of one Harry Dresden.

For those of you out there who like fantasy at all, do yourself a favor and get into this series, The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. I’m admittedly a latecomer to the party but this is among the most fun series I’ve ever read. To be fair, the writing in the first book, Storm Front, is not great (it was his first book after all) and it turns some people off but I can safely say that in my life experience there has been no better payoff for perseverance than this series. And even I can appreciate the irony in making that statement in the middle of a post about dedication to a fitness plan bearing sweet sweet (and low calorie) fruit.

"Synonymous with action-packed urban fantasy and non-stop fun?" You-betcha!
“Synonymous with action-packed urban fantasy and non-stop fun?” You-betcha!

Don’t think you can cheat and skip ahead by streaming the ill-fated (and thankfully short-lived) tv series of the same name, either. Though it pains me to say it, I enjoyed Constantine more than the half of one episode I made it through. Now I need a shower (after my workout)

I sit the Kindle on the handlebars of the bike and the miles just blur away while I am entertained by Chicago’s only professional Wizard.

Your mileage may vary. Reading doesn’t lend itself well to many forms of exercise but this series has made my own calorie-torching endeavours all the more pleasant. Which is really the bigger point. Find something that makes your workouts more tolerable.  We all love the ensuing endorphin rush, but only rarely are we really enjoying what it takes to create it. Find your thing, and make sure it’s something you want to keep doing and keep associating it with your exercise plans.

And if it happens to be reading the Dresden Files, then bonus points for future geekouts we can share.

Game is on. 30 days starts today. The bike (and Harry) are waiting for me. See you in a week, nerds.

Oh, or sooner because I still have to finish the second half of the Khorne Khodex. Work, work, work.

I'll handle this.
I’ll handle this.

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