Healthy Gamer, Randomly Awesome

Meanwhile across town…

Healthy Gamer update in the works, and an announcement of a new segment tangentially related to all that nonsense.

Today I’m taking a quick second to plug a cause that’s worthwhile and pertinent to some of the things going on here.
As regular visitors (I kill me) know, Pretty Sneaky, Sis has not always had this sleek aerodynamic look or any kind of functionality whatsoever. How did I get here? Let’s get in the Wayback Machine and travel back. All the way back to 2012…

When I first started talking to Angela online, she told me that she worked with a lot of blogs. I was all like “Hey, I have a blog!” and she said “You have a blog?” and I replied “Yeah. I totally have a blog.” Then she asked to see it.

She came back a few minutes later and said “You have a strong unique writer’s voice. Your content is solid.” I beamed for a moment, before she followed with “but your blog is fucking terrible.”

I asked her how to fix it, and she hit me rapid fire with a bunch of terms and acronyms I didn’t understand. When it was clear that she had gone completely over my head, she asked for the keys to the car. I handed them over without hesitation.

An hour later, it looked like it does now, with all the functionality that it currently has. Without updating my content at all, my traffic started to steadily rise.

It was talking to her that got me thinking about the big Pretty Sneaky, Sis picture and the evolution of where I’m going with this.  You two people who like what we’re doing here have her to thank. You seventeen people that hate us have her to thank as well. The rest of you 7 billion or so that don’t know who the fuck we are will probably keep right on not knowing who the fuck we are. 

Project Blissful is a blog she’s working on that focuses on life improvement in any number of capacities. She’s done her own Captain Hammer Project sort of thing to amazing results so far. She’s lost more weight than I have, and I have more than a foot on her. She’s badass.

It’s not gamer nerdy, but it is a good positive vibe and will certainly attract more of the same, and I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use more of that in their life. Check her out.

Back to work, nerds.


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