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Love (among other particles) is in the air


“Do all things with love” – Og Mandino

We’re nine days out from Valentine’s Day, a day that lives in some infamy among most of nerd kind that I’ve been exposed to.

Keeping to this whole “GET SOMETHING ON THE BLOG EVERY SINGLE WEEK DAY YOU WORTHLESS MAGGOT (TM)” thing I’ve got going on, I’m going to do a V-Day themed series of posts through the next week or so.

Today, a brief look into  some (but hopefully not all) things coming up for PSS and bringing the attention of my 3.5 readers to some crushes that they should be have if they don’t already. Now if you’re not mentioned here, it’s not necessarily because we don’t love you (though it probably is) but because A) I don’t have a lot of time to get this up today and B) I’ll probably have to double dip on the subject before the session is out.

First up is Daniel Solis. As I’ve mentioned on the twitters, if you’re an amateur game designer and you’re NOT following this guy, you’re doing it wrong. I like Daniel’s blog because he’s always giving me food for thought about design theory. Even with a handful of complete designs in prototype under my belt, calling myself a designer in the same breath as this guy just feels wrong to me. Top quality brain food, and informative reads.

Jamey Stegmaier is the dizzyingly handsome faceman and co-creator of Viticulture, which we’ve discussed before here. Jamey is also a goddamn blogging machine. It’s his relentless updates that have forced me to growl at myself and make sure that there is SOMETHING going up daily. Apparently that’s what the “real” bloggers do. He ranges on topics all over the board and is a genuinely interesting guy who is unafraid to point out his own foibles publicly. Also, he said that PSS is among his favorite nerd blogs, so clearly his tastes are impeccable. Them shits can simply not be pecced.

The Cardboard Jungle is an up and coming podcast run by gamer and all around good guy Anthony Racano, who I met in the galleys of the slave barge at GenCon last year. (Just kidding, guys, I heart you). They started more or less the same time that PSS started trying to get serious, and so I feel a sort of brotherly association with them. We have talked a handful of times about some joint effort strikes on the unsuspecting public but as of yet, we have not made this happen. But watch out when it does. You can change yourself officially from “unsuspecting” to “suspecting”

Greater Than Games, who was the first (but not only) group to acknowledge the existence of Pretty Sneaky, Sis at GenCon in 2012. They graced us with a review copy of Sentinels of the Multiverse, and I’m planning to honor their contribution to us and the boardgaming world as a whole with PSS’ first video review. (More to come later)

Lastly, my crew. Pete, Chris, Chris and Bill are some of the best guys you could hope to have involved with something like PSS. They get the vision for it, and share its voice. They work tirelessly and unpaid, are relentlessly beaten and in spite of that, they have only tried to mutiny against me five or six times before they were whipped back into the writing cages. I heart you guys best.

In the near future: more games from GenCon! Healthy Gamer in Love! More unabashed ego stroking of my favorite people of the internets!


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