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I made you a mixtape <3

HF“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” – Bob Marley

It’s somewhat apropos that the day I come up with the idea for today’s post happens to be Bob Marley’s birthday.

One of the things I want to do with the expansion of Pretty Sneaky, Sis is to diversify our interests. Yes, we are game lovers and nerds. But that’s not all we are. We are also voracious readers, music lovers and movie buffs. We thrive in the discussion of many topics. While I always want to tie it back to the themes that started me here, there’s a lot to be said about being a pony of numerous tricks.

Which makes a pretty decent segue into today’s discussion topic: music.

Some time ago, my friends and I used to do this thing called The Great Mix-Up. We would all agree on a theme, then each of us would go and create a playlist based on the theme and burn enough copies to distribute among the group. In the end, everyone got exposed to some new music. I don’t know why we stopped, it was a lot of fun.

There’s a lot more that goes into a quality playlist than most people realize. Anyone can take a theme and throw together 78 minutes worth of music that fits.

Which is pretty much exactly how we all started. Our mixes were universally awful. Our second mixes weren’t much better, though there was improvement.

Pretty quickly, we figured out that not only was song selection important, but song order and overall flow. As our understanding of this increased, so did the quality of our mixes, dramatically. Some of my friends’ lists still make regular rotation in my listening.

When I set out to make a playlist for someone, it’s a somewhat arduous process that is pretty intimate. I’m not exaggerating when I say that after I make someone a mix, I feel I’m giving away a small piece of myself when I give it to them.  Which is rewarding  when they tell me how much they love it and how often they listen to it. My personal benchmark for quality is when people not only gush over it, but they tell me about hearing a song I use outside of the context of the mix and it feeling wrong when the next song they hear isn’t the one that follows it from my mix.

In keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme, I’m going to ask you, my four readers, to make suggestions as to what songs should go in a Valentine’s Day mix. Sound off in the comments, and let’s build something together greater than the sum of its parts.

9 thoughts on “I made you a mixtape <3

    1. Nerdy Hussy is all about the slow jams. Can’t use Glory Box, it’s already in use in The Soundtrack to the Apocalypse. I will in its place put The Heavens by The Raveonettes and add Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space by Spiritualized. Destiny by Zero 7 too.

      At first I was thinking uptempo. Pending other responses, maybe it’ll be a 2 disc bonus set!

  1. Gaaah! High Fidelity! I loved that movie. XD

    The Wallflowers — One Headlight
    Garbage — Why Do You Love Me
    Muse — Undisclosed Desires
    Jefferson Airplane — My Best Friend

      1. What is that? Something Else – Robin Thicke?

        Avalon is not Roxy’s strongest album ever, that title is probably held by Manifesto or Siren, but, it is their moodiest and Bryan Ferry is at his crooning, smoldering red hot best.

      2. The sexiest album ever is a collaboration from Dan the Automator, Mike Patton and Jennifer Charles called Lovage; the album called “Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By” and while the title and tone of the album is pretty tongue in cheek (a figure of speech extra fun given the context), it is absolutely nothing short of volcanic.

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