Randomly Awesome

What’s love got to do with it?

hands“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage” – Lao Tzu

One may argue that I’m phoning it in today, and to that person, I will totally change the subject with no warning. 

I’m rolling out another set of e-crushes today, because well, there’s a lot of love to spread. 

First up is someone who I really should have given props to a whole lot sooner than now. My friend Carrie is the force of nature behind Nerdy Hussy; in many ways my unwitting protege, and in spite of that, a fantastic human being. I love her like a little sister which means I’m immediately suspicious of any of you louts who give her the eye. I know what you’re thinking and I don’t care for it one bit. Go buy stuff on her Etsy Page, and like her on Facebook. Not before you like Pretty Sneaky, Sis. She’s not even trying to buy your love the way I am.

I have hearts in my eyes for the current incarnation of Thunderstone: Advance cycle of Towers of Ruin, Caverns of Bane and Root of Corruption. I’ve been involved with Playtest since Dragonspire and joined Design as of Towers of Ruin. One might think that this is me patting myself on the back here, but this is honestly just an endorsement of a great phase for the game. Fans of the series owe it to themselves to try these three together. It’s unquestionably the finest that the game has ever seen, and I’ve been on board since the beginning. I’ll be writing a larger piece dedicated to this in the near future.

Speaking of good games, Word Morph is a lot of fun. I can’t tell how many of you took my advice and got on board (those of you who are iPhone users, your day is coming) but you’re missing out if you didn’t. You need Android 4.0 or better to even have it show up in the Play Store. You can find out what you have by going to Settings then About. If you’re not up to date, you might as well update because not only will that open up this hotness for you, but in a few months, Android 4.0 will be the default for everything else you want to do. We’ve got a growing number of fans, but we want more (ALWAYS MORE) so we’ve temporarily lowered the price to $1.49. I might even have a challenge here for some one to win FABULOUS PRIZES for beating me at my own game as the saying goes. Get some. Find it here.

Finally, I’m falling in serious like with you, my 3, sometimes 4 readers. It’s like a polyamorous nightmare, working feverishly to please a tiny handful of people who could simply not care less about you. Still, I love each of you more every time I watch you sleep from outside your window while I softly sing “Endless Love” to myself.

In unrelated news, I don’t care how cheap MD 20/20 is, I have simply got to cut that shit out.

Upcoming still: Healthy Gamer, more updates on the VDay Mixes and other assorted nonsense.


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