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Healthy Gamer: Calling Collect

The Doctor wants you to join too.
The Doctor wants you to join too.

“Smile big, hug bigger! Talk big, act bigger! Stop judging, do something! Shut the fuck up, do something!” – excerpt from “(Shut) Up the Punx” by Bomb the Music Industry!

So, a quick update and a call to action. It’s been quiet on the frontier lately on account of my personal life getting pretty crazy busy. I’m getting ready to move…again…and after said move, I should have more time to devote to dancing for your amusement. I apologize for the sporadic frequency of posts, and promise it will get better.

The quote above is something that’s been bouncing around in my head a lot the past few weeks, as is the nature of this post, which has been the source of a great deal of internal conflict. Let me try to explain.  

Judging by the direct  responses I have received to various Healthy Gamer posts, I’m resonating with a lot of people. Good. That’s the whole damn point. I’m out here putting myself under the microscope to show you that I don’t possess any special power that you do not. These things I’m doing you can do too. And if your responses are any indication, you want to.

It’s encouraging to see things slowly changing. Friends reaching out to tell me what they did for exercise. Seeing more people post to Facebook about their activity increasing. Setting and achieving more difficult exercise goals. 

A little about me, before I go on here to help you understand where I’m coming from. I am a creature defined by my passion. I don’t commit myself to just anything, but once I do commit myself to something, my tenacity will move mountains. It’s awesome in situations like this where I am hellbent on  accomplishing some goal. It’s less awesome when I struggle with letting go of things that are bad for me. The dark side of determination is obsession.

Now here comes the stupid part that I’ve been struggling with; you’ve been warned.

I don’t particularly care for the spotlight. Yes, I run a blog; yes, I do things with the intent of attracting attention to it; yes I understand that these concepts are in direct contradiction with one another.
The focus has historically been on a game though and not on me. The Captain Hammer Project has been the opposite of that. While I do my best to make it about positivity, changing lifestyles, blah blah blah, but if response and statistics are to be believed, the most effective it’s been is when I drag my insecurities out into the sunlight. Every time I click “publish” on a Healthy Gamer piece, I immediately feel sick to my stomach, even when the feedback has been universally positive.

Herein lies the problem. This is now (and has been for a while) something I Officially Care About (TM). This is the  internet. An unfathomably huge vortex of porn, pictures of cats, overplayed memes and billions of people screaming “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!” I don’t particularly want the attention myself. It’s difficult enough exposing myself to you five people. However, I believe in the importance of *the idea* and the need for it to spread. It’s bigger than me and my sense of comfort.

I’m glad that my story resonates with you. But inspiration isn’t worth a damn thing if it doesn’t generate some kind of effort.

So, I’m going to ask you, my three faithful readers, to join your voice to mine.

Everyone knows someone that should be taking their health more seriously. Some of you want to get in shape yourself. Some of you are further along than I am and want to encourage others to get more active where their health is concerned. It’s hard work, and while the payoffs are huge, they aren’t immediate. There’s a reason more people aren’t doing these things.

I’m organizing an unofficial Healthy Gamer meetup/event for GenCon this year, and if all goes well, I’ll be doing something more biggerer and more officialer in the following years.

So help me spread the word. If you’re interested in participating in a Healthy Gamer event, contact me at Tell your GenCon attending friends or people interested in getting healthier to subscribe to the blog or like Pretty Sneaky, Sis on Facebook. Everything posted about the Healthy Gamer initiatives will end up in those two places.

More importantly than promoting any GenCon happenings, PSS or my deals, get involved yourself. For you. Do something. Be the force for the change you want to see in your life. In my experience, when you are surrounded by other people with similar goals, you’ll find yourself a whole lot less inclined to just pay lip service to the concept.

It all comes back to that quote in the beginning, and while I’m speaking in an entirely different context than the song, this is a sentiment that I’ve gotten pretty passionate about, in terms of the Captain Hammer Project, and of life in general. It’s kinda become my battle cry.
P.S. Sound off in the comments. The private messages are fantastic, but c’mon guys, no one is going to take this seriously if there’s not SOME proof that the message is being heard.


3 thoughts on “Healthy Gamer: Calling Collect

  1. While I really have no problem staying in shape, I do take my type 1 diabetes with a level of commitment that I would call……lax. I take my medicine and for the most part I’m ok, but I have been known to make eating decisions that I know may make me sick. Thats something I would like to work on, at least for my daughter’s sake.

    1. Kids are an amazing motivator to do anything. I don’t talk about it much, but my daughter is a big reason for me doing these things too. What are some of the bad decisions you make? Are there alternatives that would scratch the itch at least reasonably well without making you sick?

  2. Basicaly just the lack of options while traveling. For example, going to gencon is like a loaded gun, with each “meal” putting another bullet in the chamber.

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