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Healthy Gamer: Pre GenCon update

Taking a quick derailing of all bloggy duties for an update.

It’s once again time for The Best Four Days in Gaming. My biggest question is: Where the hell did that last year go? My second biggest question is: What am I going to do better this year? Last year I went in with the best of intentions, and…well, somewhat less than optimal results, but nothing catastrophic.

Ideal changes for this year:

1. Make time to exercise more for its own sake. I got plenty of walking in last year, but I’d like to actually hit the hotel gym in the morning. It gives you energy for the day and makes me feel less bad for taking a vacation from exercise.

2. Actually eat the “one decent meal” per day. Last year that was my plan, and instead I lived on protein shakes and adrenaline. Going that far under your calorie needs is counterproductive.

3. Sleep more than 16 hours in 4 days. My sleep schedule could best be described as intermittent napping. Sleep is good for the recharging and all that nonsense.

Realistically, I know that I am probably going to deliver on these less than I like, but it’s GENCON. There’s never enough time for silly things like responsible eating (or eating at all) or sleep when there’s SO. MUCH. GAME. to consume. Good intentions, an attempt to follow through, but most likely some paving on the road to hell. I get something for acknowledging that, right?

Also, a few weeks ago, I weighed in for the first time in…a while…and found that I was down 100 lbs from my heaviest.

I had the audacity to be disappointed. A friend had thought I had lost a lot more, I was hoping for a little more. Neither of us were right, but I should have expected it. For a three month diameter expanding from the move, I was kinda lax about things. I was not hitting the gym as often as I should have, and I was taking shortcuts that were less than healthy for food choices to save time that I could use getting ready to move.

My friend reminded me that I had managed to lose 8 pounds slacking off instead of gaining 20. A little bit of perspective goes a long way.

Off to the big show in a few days. I’ll be putting a game of my own design through some blind testing (you’d think I’d have written more about that here.) and checking out all the new shinies. Anything you want me (or any of the other PSS writers in attendance) to check out/write about? Tell me in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Healthy Gamer: Pre GenCon update

  1. I plan on bringing a few boxes of these, for myself. I am also going to try and eat at most/least one real meal a day. I’ll also feel a little guilty about not exercising for almost a week but I think it’s a healthier choice to grab an extra hour of sleep than try and squeeze in a session of cardio during the 4 day gaming extravaganza. I’ll just have to push a little harder when I get back.

    1. These are a good call, I’m thinking I’ll be living mostly on these and raw almonds. I was debating protein bars vs. shakes, one’s easier but subjective to heat, the other less so but less convenient. I’m leaning towards bars and doing my best to eat one real meal a day.

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