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Viticulture, vicarious virtue and the visible vanity of vagrants.

For the classy gamer.
For the classy gamer.

“Arbitrary alliteration as an attempted agent of attention acquisition is the lowest form of communication” – me

So…uh, yeah. I disappeared for a bit. Rather than go into long and laborious details about what caused my silence that will ultimately conclude in a giant eyerolling TL;DR, I will say that a number of the things that were holding me back from writing have since been removed and I’ll be getting back to form here and writing a great deal more often.

And now for the good news.

Stonemaier Games (publishers of Viticulture and Euphoria) are currently hosting an auction over at the Geek for 13 exclusive-limited-edition-super-awesome-mega-deluxe-these-are-the-only-ones-in-existence copies of Viticulture, which if you haven’t played is a solid worker placement game with expansions in the works. These thirteen auctions are attributed to their favorite bloggers and against all odds, Pretty Sneaky, Sis is among the honorees! Apparently I must have 7 readers now, a feat I am more proud of than Weapon Focus: Keyboard.

Each of the blogs in question were asked to provide a charity for their auction to benefit. Without hesitation, I chose Worldbuilders.

Worldbuilders is an organization founded by one Patrick Rothfuss, who authored The Name of the Wind (quite possibly the best fantasy book published in the past two decades) and is a geek extraordinaire. Their platform is “Geeks Doing Good” and they put together an incredible fundraiser every year that not only does a lot of good out in the world, but rewards the people who help to make it happen with really neat stuff.

Which I suppose is kinda what’s happening with this auction too, although not an official Worldbuilders thing.

I advise the investigation and support of Worldbuilders, even if you can’t bid on my auction (it’s at $179 as of the writing of this post). You can still help by going and giving me thumbs at the auction and spreading the word. You never know who will get word and decide to take it one step further and the world wins for it.

The winner of each auction will also get a neat goody as described in the auction header that could include a copy of Euphoria. The winner of my auction will also get a copy of Building Steam upon its publication, which I would like to see happen in 2014. This means that you can help do some good with a fantastic cause and score three fantastic games for it.

The auction only lasts a week, so if you’re thinking about getting in on it, don’t hesitate there’s no better time.

Back to the grindstone, these things don’t write themselves. Not yet, anyway.


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