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What lies ahead…

Baby, I know I’ve done you wrong. You have every right to be angry with me. I’ve lied to your face, I’ve cheated on you repeatedly, I’ve stolen from you, I’ve promised you the moon and never gave you a pebble.

Your friends don’t like me. They say you should tell me to go crawling back to whatever coked-out gutter trash I’ve been shacking up with. You’re afraid I’ll hurt you again. But I’ve changed. This time it’s really different. This time I’ve grown. I know I’ve told you that before, but please, baby. Baby, please. Come back to me. Everything is going to be better this time.

So I’ve talked a lot about changes I would like to implement to the blog here, and inevitably I get sidetracked by any number of things and the changes never actually come.  But really, this time things are happening. Really. For realsies.  So here is my quarterly assertion that things are moving behind the scenes here, and a sneak peek at what’s to come.

A sleek, sexy and more aerodynamic design. The visual appeal of this place is pretty non-existent. It needs a makeover, it’s needed one for a long time, and I can’t put it off any longer. This is a learning experiment for me, so forgive me if it gets worse before it gets better; but make no mistake, we’re putting some racing stripes on this bitch.

Fresh meat for the grinder! I’ve got TWO new writers coming aboard to talk about games and other geekery. I’ve seen some preliminary stuff from them and I’m excited to have more unpaid interns. The older staff have begrudgingly agreed to write some words too.

More scribbles what make words. I’ve had a few reader complaints that they love what we do here, but they wish that there was more of it. Obviously, I took steps to shift my life around to where I could make more time to write so that I can appease people I will likely never actually meet. More on the Captain Hammer Project and the Healthy Gamer. More Kickstarter (p)reviews, more game reviews, more strategy and analysis articles, more Design Diaries.

FABULOUS PRIZES! One of the perks of living under the delusion of internet fame is that sometimes people send you stuff. Mostly these are games to review, with the occasional scandalous photo, death threat, or severed head in a box. In the efforts of paying it forward, I’m going to start having contests for game giveaways. Rather than shilling for Facebook likes or pulling names at random, I’m going to do fun things. Like geek trivia, or short fiction competitions. You want free games? You want me to pay for shipping? Dance for me, monkeys!

So those are the plans.

What's Khorneses, precious?
What’s Khorneses, precious?

In other news, I recently ran out of room in the thing I keep my games in….well before I was done putting games away. Dismayed, I looked through it and saw a number of titles that have never seen a table. There is an unacceptable amount of shrink-wrapped games in my cabinet and I decided at that point that the new rule was whenever I went to play games, I would take a game with me that I have never played and play it first to ensure that I learn something. The working idea is that this will help me decide what games are culled from the collection. This means that I have played exactly zero games of Chaos in the Old World in the past however long it’s been. So far on this plan I have learned Coup, Battle For Souls, Terra Mystica, Dominare and Spartacus, all of which I plan to write about as time allows. So far, all of these have justified their continued stay in my collection.

What new games have you played?

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