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Healthy Gamer: Who Wants To Be A Hundredaire?

db“Fatty fatty, two by four
Can’t fit through the kitchen door”
-asshole kids everywhere
Hey, Mike Colson here. Babbs is super busy I guess so I’m stepping up here. This will be super short and probably not up to the quality standard you have come to expect from Pretty Sneaky Sis. (Editor’s note: lol) Sorry, me no talk pretty. Joe showed me this website a few weeks ago just before I left for vacation. We talked briefly about trying it out when I returned and now that I have I did a little more research.
Here is the low down. Diet Bet lets you set up a bet between you and a group of friends/family/coworkers. You can make it a private affair or an open one. You set up an entry fee and a goal. Currently they offer 2 goals. 4% over 4 weeks and 10% over 6 months. You set a start date and invite people you know. Diet bet will ask you to weigh in 2 days before you start. They ask for 2 pictures, one of you in light clothing/no shoes before you weigh in and one of the scale. They give you a code word to write on a piece of paper and hold in the picture and put near the scale reading. Same procedure to weigh in at the end. The 6 month bet has monthly weigh ins that work the same way. They post your percentages lost but not your weight. Everyone who meets the goal wins. The prize pool is split evenly between the winners, after dietbet takes its cut.
We set up our own dietbet. You can find it  by searching the diet bet site for Pretty Sneaky Sis or through the link above. We opted for the 4 week 4% goal and set the entry at $50 because we wanted it to be enough to hurt if you lose.  Please feel free to join us if you need the motivation. The prize pool is at $600 as I’m writing this.
(Editors Note: According to the front page, I am in contact with some 550 people or some other ridiculous number. I don’t even know that many people.  Some of you should get on board with this. I’ll be documenting the process, so you can expect to be catapulted into internet stardom through this. Clicky clicky, get to joining – jb)

One thought on “Healthy Gamer: Who Wants To Be A Hundredaire?

  1. No comments? Well that’s just fucking hurtful people.
    So today I did some clean up. Took my money out of dietbet. I won, and a bunch of the rest of you won. Congrats. It looks like almost half of us made it. It was not as social as I had hoped and they took a bunch of money, way more than the service they provided was worth IMHO. Thx for playing everyone

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