By the Numbers

By the Numbers: Preface

One of my three readers reached out to me to poke me about my new plan, as there was no update yet. There are likely more coming, so I am taking just a moment to give you a more definitive launch date, which will be Monday, November 2, 2015.

Why the wait? Well, there’s a lot going on. I am in the middle of a prolonged moving (which will finally end this month), the move is complicated by the notion of a million other things that require my assistance that both take away time from my packing/cleaning efforts and are essential to my moving plan in general. It’s not been a particularly fun juggling act.

That said, the main point is that while I am putting the pieces in place to demonstrate the power of this fully operational battle station, I won’t be documenting it officially until next month. I know you’re waiting to use my angst and struggle to sweeten your coffee, but you’re going to have to wait a couple more weeks.

Outside of this, there are big things happening I am excited to share, but updates on those will have to wait as well for the same reason. Back with more soon.


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