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Playing For Keeps Update 1



PK22 PK20 PK19 PK18 PK13 PK8 PK14 PK9 PK15 PK10 PK16 PK11 PK17 PK12 PK7 PK6 PK5 PK4 PK2














Using an independent third party plus Facebook to keep me accountable, I can say that as of yet, I have not had to lose any games. Part of my accountability system is photographic proof of exertion, thus the sweaty selfies. These are just a sample, there are more but you get the point. You’re here to see if you win stuff, not to bask in the life-affirming glow of my stunning sex appeal. Yes, I’m sure I could just splash some water on me, take a pic and say “I DID A THING” but I would only be cheating myself. I have enough issues without adding that as another reason to hate myself.  At the advice of people smarter than me, I am declaring one day a week (in my case Sunday) to be an off day for recovery. All of the other days since the last update have involved some kind of willful exercise, most of it even done without complaint! Scale results are similarly positive, but it’s always easier in the beginning.

Next Up: Another P4K update after a bit, and another delve into the strange place of my brain sooner. Also game stuff.

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