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Two Great Tastes That…Should Probably Be Kept Separated

So, I started PSS to be about games. And while there has been a bunch of game stuff, there has also been a bunch of non-game stuff, namely by means of The Captain Hammer project/Healthy Gamer stuff. While there is some overlap between the two audiences, and I do think that there are a bunch of gamer sorts that can relate to the health stuff, in the end, I think that it will be better for both ideas if they live in separate houses.

So I am going to be taking time here and there to start detangling the two, and when the dust settles, there will be two blogs Pretty Sneaky, Sis: All Games All the Time, and (NAME TBD): For The Love Of Christ Would You Please Shut The Fuck Up About Your Issues, We Simply Do Not Care.

When the new home(s) are established (I’m also considering a change of domain) then I will announce the new addresses here too, so that two of my five readers can take note of which one they want to ignore, another two will follow both and the last one hasn’t really been reading anyway so they won’t even notice.

P4K is a weird hybrid of the two and I haven’t decided where it will go yet.

3 thoughts on “Two Great Tastes That…Should Probably Be Kept Separated

  1. Joe:

    Sounds like a good plan, and in fact, I was just about to reach out to you to see about coming back on the team. Getting back on the field. Rolling up the ‘ol shirtsleeves and actually producing some content for a change, that is, if you will have me in the newly reconstituted PSS of the future…future…future. Just let me know…


    1. How could I ever say no to you? I’ll be in touch as this plan develops. We’re also working on video reviews which are a ton of work. Or at least, a ton of work for someone not okay with just talking about games in front of a camera. The separation will come sooner though, and by all means if you have things you are dying to write about, have at it. 🙂

      1. Now you are talking. Color me in. And I will get at some chit chatting about a few games I’ve been playing.

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