Bill “Stu” Thomas

Greetings. Stu Thomas, your friendly cyberhood gamesman here.

Games are a gateway to our true selves.  They encourage creativity, whimsy and incredible risk-taking. They are fun. But at the same time they present us with opportunities and dilemmas that test our mettle. In a way, how we play games reflects the kind of person we are on a fundamental, core level.

Which is why I cheat…

From a very early age, I have loved games of all stripes. Almost every day after school, I would rush home to set up a game the family would play after dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I hated losing, and would usually insist on playing over and over again until I won at least one game. That determination to win stuck with me all my life, (tempered of course, with a little sportsmanship and good grace I acquired in my old age). I have games to thank for instilling that drive for success in me.

Seriously though, I abhor cheating for all the reasons argued above. A “good game” can only be achieved when everyone plays by the same rules. Otherwise there is no honor in it. More importantly, there are no bragging rights, which is one thing I am not going to give up by cheating to win.

Game playing is an activity I enjoy to this day. I am a “real person gamer,” preferring the challenge, camaraderie and companionship that come from sharing yourself with other people you like to be around. Or beating the pants off of those you do not. The real challenge sometimes is finding the right game to hold your attention, and present a renewed challenge every time you crack open the box. That is why I asked to be a part of this project, to help Joe help you, our one adoring fan, find games which you might enjoy.

I have served on play-test teams for a number of Alderac Entertainment Group games (not Clout: Fantasy, by the way), and as a member of their Bounty Hunter squad.

I love L5R, 7 Wonders, Runebound, Wings of War, Dominion, Hearts, and many many more.

I hope you enjoy our postings, and I look forward to making all of your virtual acquaintances as we go along. Happy reading!

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