Christopher Hodges

My tax returns describe my occupation as “Account Manager” (a corporate euphemism for acting as a liaison between my giant, soulless company and its, generally speaking, giant, soulless clients) but I like to think I’m more than that. I’m a father, writer, and walker of the secret ways. I’m a volunteer for social causes and political candidates. I am the director of a non-profit organization, a passionate appreciator of wine, women and song, an aspiring iconoclast and unabashed contrarian. I make excellent muffins and am never without a witty riposte in conversation.

I would call myself a “gentleman-adventurer”, but fear I fall out closer to “dilettante”. Either way, there’s a restlessness to me that prevents me from focusing on any single thing for very long. Games have always been an important of my life because they’ve often seemed like one of the very few things that have the ability to command my attention for an extended period of time.

I started out on Dungeons and Dragons, moved on to Magic: the Gathering when it hit the scene and sort of never looked back. Collectible card games of all stripes are a weakness of mine (an idea so fascinatingly informed by the cultural climate of the modern western corporate democracies that a book could be written about it) and I would cite Magic (still play when time permits) and Legend of the Five Rings (sadly, we parted ways) as my two enduring favorites.

I don’t have as much time as I used to devote to gaming, but aside from Magic I also regularly play Warhammer 40,000 (a bizarre hobby that I just can’t get away from), Settlers of Catan (not as frequently as I’d like) and other board games (whenever I get the chance).

I’m a closet gamer, my shameful hobbies (that all seem to say 13+ years on the packaging, but are totally for grownups, too) are held apart from most of my friends and acquaintances, and living that sort of strange double-life gives me a slightly different perspective on the world of gaming than most gamers. Hopefully, I can bring some of that to what I do for PSS and, hopefully, you enjoy it.

I live in Columbus, Ohio with my son and daughter (who train day and night so that they might move invisibly among you and strike when you least expect) and wait patiently for the day when someone finally recognizes that my number of hours logged playing the Civilization games pretty much qualifies me to be placed in charge of humanity’s future.

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