Pretty Sneaky, SisWhat is Pretty Sneaky, Sis all about?

Pretty Sneaky, Sis is my attempt to get myself more involved in two things that are near and dear to my heart, writing and games. I figure that if I take the trouble to build some kind of audience, then I will be forced to write more, which should, in theory make me better at it, right?

What can Pretty Sneaky, Sis do for me?

Here at Pretty Sneaky Sis, you’ll find game reviews, entertaining session reports, strategy columns on our favorite games and more. And around here, we celebrate nerdery , geekery and the like–so you’ll be among your own kind.

We also feature game announcements, discussions on game design theory and, coming soon, a discussion forum for our fellow board-game aficionados.

Want more? Stick around and hold on for the ride–big, exciting announcements coming soon!

Why do you call it Pretty Sneaky, Sis, anyway?

It’s a clever game reference, of course. This ought to explain it.

Who’s behind all this geekery?

I’m Joe Babbitt, the creator and game-geek behind Pretty Sneaky Sis. Learn more about me!

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