Looking for more ways to connect with your fellow gamers? Here are a few geek-friendly resources that might help.

  • English: Part of the A Game Of Thrones board g...Board Game Geek – Forums, geeklists, bazaar and more. This is a can’t-miss resource and connection point for gaming geeks.
  • Headless Hollow – Universal Head’s board game blog. This sucker includes some of the best reference sheets on the internet, and my favorite part? It’s all F-R-E-E.
  • Unboxed: The Board Game Blog – This one’s got a great series of podcasts, plus reviews, videos, awards and more. Plus, it’s updated every Wednesday with the latest geekery.
  • Tommy Gun – Lots of free, downloadable paper buildings for use in any modern games setting. Besides buildings, you’ll find stuff like street furnishings, office interiors and other downloadable goodness. Did I mention it’s all free?
  • Find a New Game – In case you get tired of the same old, same old, here’s a resource to help you find something new and exciting to do in your spare time. Tell this site what games you like, which ones suck, and before you know it, you’ll have five fresh suggestions of what you might try next. Geekery at its finest.
  • Board Game Reviews by Josh – is a site not altogether different than mine. He’s been at it a lot longer and he’s got some good stuff. But we have the funny funny jokes. Great site.
  • Shut Up & Sit Down – A couple of lovable scamps doing videos and such about nerd games. It’s a fun site that I enjoy.
  • I Slay the Dragon – a blog about games and the people who love them. I feel a certain empathy for them as this whole blog thing is much more work than it appears. Good stuff, frequent updates. Tiny bloggers unite! Together we will storm the tower of dice!
  • Hyperbole Games – Grant Rodiek, game designer and cool guy runs this fun site. He’s a designer and enthusiast of the best kind. This site will also feature his publishing news so stay tuned.

Know of a resource I missed? Want to see your gaming blog listed here? Email me at


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