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Healthy Gamer: Shame on Me

“What do you regard as most humane? To spare someone shame.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Lots of stuff happened at Gen Con this year. I taught and played a bunch of games. I met a few other designers that I hold in high esteem. I experienced a weird outpouring of love from strangers. Somehow, I managed not to buy any new games. And I experienced a strange moment of shame in shaming. Well, not exactly.  Continue reading

Healthy Gamer

Healthy(?) Gamer: The magic of those three little words.

“Life has no remote….get up and change it yourself!” – Mark A. Cooper

We’ll start this off with my standard opening statement of how I am going to start writing regularly again which by now we both know is not likely true. My road to hell is well paved, but here’s to hoping it will fall into disrepair, right?

I’m here to talk about some words. Particularly three special ones that everyone knows, and that I hope everyone gets to feel.

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Xia: Legends of a Discussion System

xiaI’m currently messing around with some changes to the blog. This is just temporary while I find a better looking theme.

A few months ago, my esteemed colleague Jamey Stegmaier (entrepreneur and graduate of the Handsome Boy Modeling School) suggested that he and I should have some discussions about various games and share them with our adoring audiences. Well, his adoring audience and my 4 people who are plotting my needlessly gruesome end. The first one is here; we return with a second installment about Xia: Legends of a Drift System, by Cody Miller and Far Off Games.

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Let’s Get Ready to Rumbledore! A PSS review of Argent: The Consortium


A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
– Colin Powell

I honestly don’t remember exactly how it was that I came across this game, but when you read and think about games as much as I do, sometimes these things get blurry. I read about it somewhere, and after just a brief overview, I knew I had to play it. And when you have as poor impulse control as I do, you don’t wait for it to find its way into your playgroup through another means. Let’s take a look at Argent: The Consortium, by Trey Chambers and published by Level 99 Games. Continue reading

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How To Serve Man…And Also Win Stuff


From the Gateway Games Facebook Page:

HOW TO SERVE MAN, the galaxy’s best alien cooking competition board game where players serve up humans is now funded on Kickstarter, and we’re looking for your help in creating some delicious new recipes!

The Contest: Roll up your sleeves and sharpen your knives, because this contest will have you in the kitchen creating your own culinary masterpieces. To participate, you must cook something delicious that uses Humans as the main ingredient*. Once you’ve got your dish prepared and ready for the Judges, snap a picture and post it in the Comments. Make sure to give your dish a name so we know what tasty part of the Human you used to make it. Try and keep it rated PG-13, though, so we don’t catch any guff from the Universal Broadcast Administration.

The Rewards: The top 3 submissions will have their creations included in the game as Recipe Cards, and will have their names printed on the card as well. In addition, whoever creates the best recipe will receive a copy of HOW TO SERVE MAN when it is released later this year!

Deadline: We will be taking submissions until 11:59pm on March 7th so we can announce a winner before the Kickstarter ends on March 10th, so grab those utensils in a hurry!

You can visit the Kickstarter (linked above) to see some examples of the recipes already in the game, or head to famed Human Chef Clara Moore’s blog where she talks about the Mini-Cookbook she is creating for our already unlocked Stretch Goal

Post any questions you have below and I’ll try and answer them ASAP.

* We don’t want you to actually use Humans, but feel free to simulate the Human meat with other ingredients. Creativity is always appreciated!