How To Serve Man…And Also Win Stuff


From the Gateway Games Facebook Page:

HOW TO SERVE MAN, the galaxy’s best alien cooking competition board game where players serve up humans is now funded on Kickstarter, and we’re looking for your help in creating some delicious new recipes!

The Contest: Roll up your sleeves and sharpen your knives, because this contest will have you in the kitchen creating your own culinary masterpieces. To participate, you must cook something delicious that uses Humans as the main ingredient*. Once you’ve got your dish prepared and ready for the Judges, snap a picture and post it in the Comments. Make sure to give your dish a name so we know what tasty part of the Human you used to make it. Try and keep it rated PG-13, though, so we don’t catch any guff from the Universal Broadcast Administration.

The Rewards: The top 3 submissions will have their creations included in the game as Recipe Cards, and will have their names printed on the card as well. In addition, whoever creates the best recipe will receive a copy of HOW TO SERVE MAN when it is released later this year!

Deadline: We will be taking submissions until 11:59pm on March 7th so we can announce a winner before the Kickstarter ends on March 10th, so grab those utensils in a hurry!

You can visit the Kickstarter (linked above) to see some examples of the recipes already in the game, or head to famed Human Chef Clara Moore’s blog where she talks about the Mini-Cookbook she is creating for our already unlocked Stretch Goal

Post any questions you have below and I’ll try and answer them ASAP.

* We don’t want you to actually use Humans, but feel free to simulate the Human meat with other ingredients. Creativity is always appreciated!

How To Play How To Serve Man

DISCLAIMER: I didn’t write this, one of the other lovable scallywags of Gateway Games did. Here’s a gameplay primer of “How To Serve Man” coming to Kickstarter This Sunday!

Step into the shoes of an intergalactic Chef, competing against other Chefs in a knock down, no-holds-barred Cooking competition! The featured ingredient for the this contest… Human Beings!

Impress the Celebrity Judges with your culinary prowess while making sure your ingredients don’t run away and beat out your friends to become the champion of Space Kitchen Arena!

In this light worker placement game, players gather resources, cook them up, and combine them to create Dishes to present to the Celebrity Judge panel. Doing so will allow you to claim a Judge for the rest of the game; each Judge claimed awards bonus points for future Dishes and helps shape the Chef’s overall strategy.

The Chef that does this the best, while watching the clock as well as dealing with the inevitable hazards of outer space, wins!

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How to Serve Me…err, Man! Coming soon to Kickstarter!

coverartIn just a little over a week, Gateway Games is going to launch their first game title on Kickstarter. “How to Serve Man” is a light worker placement game where the players are alien chefs competing in an intergalactic cooking competition, trying to impress a panel of Celebrity Judges, along the same lines of a television show you may have heard of. (Tungsten Cooks or something like that. Details.) And what is the featured ingredient? Human beings! Continue reading