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Engage Parallelism Node! ~or~ Holy Hell Check This Out

More and more of my beloved table top games these days are making their way onto digital platforms.  I didn’t really care all that much for Ascension at first, but through the app I have logged a bunch of plays. (Ultimately I still just find it OK) I heard great things about Baseball Highlights 2045, but it had a pretty steep price tag and believe it or not, I am trying to buy less board games. Which means that my collection is still growing, just at a slower rate. Anyway, I saw an app version of it and gave it a try. It’s a neat game. PSS correspondent Chris Motola did a piece here about the iOS version of Lords of Waterdeep. These are all pretty great ways to get to try a game, and are ideal for someone who has trouble getting people together for game nights, but I digress. Before this digital reimagining of our table top golden age though, it was all physical. Continue reading

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Two Great Tastes That…Should Probably Be Kept Separated

So, I started PSS to be about games. And while there has been a bunch of game stuff, there has also been a bunch of non-game stuff, namely by means of The Captain Hammer project/Healthy Gamer stuff. While there is some overlap between the two audiences, and I do think that there are a bunch of gamer sorts that can relate to the health stuff, in the end, I think that it will be better for both ideas if they live in separate houses.

So I am going to be taking time here and there to start detangling the two, and when the dust settles, there will be two blogs Pretty Sneaky, Sis: All Games All the Time, and (NAME TBD): For The Love Of Christ Would You Please Shut The Fuck Up About Your Issues, We Simply Do Not Care.

When the new home(s) are established (I’m also considering a change of domain) then I will announce the new addresses here too, so that two of my five readers can take note of which one they want to ignore, another two will follow both and the last one hasn’t really been reading anyway so they won’t even notice.

P4K is a weird hybrid of the two and I haven’t decided where it will go yet.

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Playing For Keeps Update 1



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Using an independent third party plus Facebook to keep me accountable, I can say that as of yet, I have not had to lose any games. Part of my accountability system is photographic proof of exertion, thus the sweaty selfies. These are just a sample, there are more but you get the point. You’re here to see if you win stuff, not to bask in the life-affirming glow of my stunning sex appeal. Yes, I’m sure I could just splash some water on me, take a pic and say “I DID A THING” but I would only be cheating myself. I have enough issues without adding that as another reason to hate myself.  At the advice of people smarter than me, I am declaring one day a week (in my case Sunday) to be an off day for recovery. All of the other days since the last update have involved some kind of willful exercise, most of it even done without complaint! Scale results are similarly positive, but it’s always easier in the beginning.

Next Up: Another P4K update after a bit, and another delve into the strange place of my brain sooner. Also game stuff.

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Mean, Fat and Weird: A Kickstarter (P)review of Clash of the Battle Goats.

“Goats are the cable talk show panelists of the animal world, ready at a moment’s notice to interject, interrupt, and opine. They have something to say about everything, little of it complimentary. They are the most impertinent animals I have ever known.” – Jon Katz

While I have gotten much better about it, I have had a bit of a problem with Kickstarter in the past. Upon typing this sentence, I logged in to see just how big of a problem it was. Doing so was hopefully the worst decision I will make today. I’m not sure which is worse, the obscene amounts of money I have hemorrhaged on games there, or the fact that a disturbingly high percentage of the ones I have received remain unplayed. Probably the latter because it exacerbates the former. Fortunately, the game I am talking about today is one of the proud few who have escaped their shrink wrapping and known the soft, intimate, sexy, life-affirming touch of human hands. Continue reading

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Healthy Gamer: Playing for Keeps. Literally.

poor“If every day you played the board game Risk, you’ve probably never taken a risk in your life.” – Bo Burnham

As my regular six readers know, I am still in this whole “get thin or die tryin” thing. There have been ups and downs both in terms of numbers and emotions. I’ve been trying to incorporate new things like yoga and positivity as fuel as opposed to anger. There are other pieces in progress about those two concepts, but suffice to say, as there has not yet been a celebratory posts about how yoga and self-love saved my life, I am returning to a watering hole more familiar and comfortable to me, which is to say negative reinforcement.  Continue reading

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Healthy Gamer: Yoga Fire

“Surely if God had meant us to do yoga, he would have put our heads behind our knees.” – Rod Stewart
Believe it or not (and I am guessing at least 5 of my 7 readers are going with “not”) I am really trying to make more time to write. There are a lot of things in works that I would reeeeeeally love to talk about here, things that I am super-dee-dooper excited about, but they are still in works, and I have decided that I am going to keep my mouth shut about them until such time when I have something to SHOW you what I’ve been doing when not making scribbles what make words on the internets. Stay tuned, your patience will be rewarded with mediocrity like none you’ve ever witnessed. Continue reading

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BScoverAs I’ve mentioned on a few occasions, I am solicited pretty frequently for coverage of crowd-funded gaming projects. Having been there myself in soliciting others, I get why they have to do it, and how it feels pretty intrusive. I’d like to say that A) I get the reasons and am generally congenial to help out where I can; and B) I’m supposed to be “professional” or something so that more content will occur and more audience and blah blah blah. However, what is more accurate is that I find myself irritated by said solicitations, and if you’re seeing me talk about something here, it’s either because I am personally very excited about the project, or because the solicitor took the time to stroke my ego and reference something that suggests that they have read any of my scribbles here. Sometimes it’s both. Continue reading